• We are unique in providing a quality service in PCB designing and our functionality covers High Speed Digital Designs, Analog Designs, RF Designs and Mixed Signal Designs,High Density Interconnects (HDI) Boards and Micro via Technology EMC/EMI/ESD consideration Boards includes DSP, DDR-DDR3, SPI, SATA & PATA, USB, UART, PCI/PCIe & HDMI Interfaces and Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and Power Regulators. We are also concentrating on DFx factors to make our services as a complete one.

    EDA Layout Tools to make our designs as whole and complete. Nitan provides library services as a part of PCB design or Separate service PCB Foot prints as per IPC 7351 Standard Schematics Symbols as per IEEE (91 / 91a)

We are working on Schematic designing and supporting our customers in designing circuits. We have more advanced tools in Schematic designs which supports us in providing best to our customers.